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JLEAD ASSOCIATION was established in the year 2008.Registered under govt. of Karnataka, with registration number GLB-S88-2014-15. JLEAD ASSOCIATION has been an inspiration to many, the society's journey through the decades has seen many individuals shaped up and mentored through their passage of life.
Education begins with curiosity and what begins as an urge to discover the many facts of Mother Nature becomes a never-ending voyage. JLEAD ASSOCIATION has embarked upon a glorious mission to impart education and knowledge of the highest order, to inspire and light the lives of thousands of students enabling them to become resourceful citizens of tomorrow.
The JLEAD ASSOCIATION is a student-based organization in Jahagirdar Correspondence College, . The goal of JLEAD ASSOCIATION is to promote an academic, professional, and social network for students and alumni/JLEAD ASSOCIATION within the communities of JCC who share a special interest in the field of Education Development, Comparative Education, and Human Rights.




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